Professional Carpet Cleaning

Has the colour of your carpet lost its brilliance? Has your carpet taken on uneven shades of gray or brown due to some areas being overused and other areas untouched? Is there a nasty stain on your beautiful carpet that just will not come out? Have you just moved into a new home and want a deep cleaning before moving in?

Pressure VAC is the solution for all your carpet cleaning solutions.

Located in Perth, we have provided carpet cleaning services for over 20 years. With our experience and expertise, you can rest assured that we offer only the best services and are able to evaluate what the best method of cleaning your carpet requires.


Our Services

Our carpet cleaning services are available for all types of carpets. In each case, and especially for your expensive carpet, you will want to hire a professional instead of relying on yourself. These expensive carpets require special treatment and need to be handled with care in order to ensure that they are not destroyed.

Only with a professional team can you rest assured that the cleaning is powerful and thorough enough, and is able to rid your carpet of all the dirt, stains, and dust mites hidden that cannot be removed with a regular household vacuum cleaner. We currently offer two types of carpet cleaning services.

Both services rely on using steam to do the trick:

  • Truck mounted steam cleaning
  • Portable steam cleaning machinery

What exactly is the difference between the two carpet cleaning services? Here is an overview of the two services available.


Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning

Our truck mounted steam cleaning provides a very deep and thorough cleaning of your carpet. It outperforms any other portable steam cleaning machinery on the market and will definitely leave your carpet as good as new.

Our custom built truck mounts have been tried and tested for 30 years and we are confident that they are one of the best in operation around WA and definitely will not disappoint you with the results.


Portable Steam Cleaning Machinery

Our portable steam cleaning machinery is used specifically in high rise buildings. Our carpet cleaning teams provide an after-hours high quality steam clean, which may be more beneficial and convenient for office buildings as the cleaning will not interfere with your company’s business hours. The portable steam cleaning machinery will clean high rise office carpets and any other area that cannot be accessed with our traditional truck mounted machinery.

What Does the Process Look Like?

First, after contacting us via phone or our website and briefly explaining what you need, we will give you a rough estimate. If it is carpet that needs cleaning, we will discuss your options and if you agree. We will then schedule a time with you for us to proceed with the cleaning. During the cleaning process, we will keep you informed and updated on our progress.


If we encounter any issues along the way, we will immediately discuss a plan of action with you. At the end of the project, we will have you examine the areas cleaned and if it does not meet your standards, we will discuss with you further about what could be done.

Our main goal is to serve you and leave you with a space that feels fresh, clean, and healthy, so feel free at any time to raise any concerns you may have. We will not be satisfied until we know that you are completely happy and satisfied with our services.


Please contact us today on 0419 902 881 or through our online form to request a quote or to ask about our services for carpet cleaning in Perth.



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