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Similar to our tile & grout cleaning system – but on steroids!

A little history:

Pressure VAC spent almost 5 years developing this current system, with the first prototype up and operational in early 2008. Our current system was an improvement on almost every aspect of the original. More pressure, more suction, hotter water and the capability to recycle water which to date is still an unmatched service in Australia. We’ve invested in the new technology to bring an environmentally friendly pressure cleaning solution to Perth!

You can employ our high-pressure cleaning services anywhere in which hard-surfaces need cleaning. Distance, drainage, and environmental factors don’t play an issue with our encapsulation systems, even pressure cleaning around active server bays hasn’t stopped us in the past. The benefits of our system are that contaminants are removed from site, not just lanced out of sight! We can take this to the extreme with 99% of all water/ water vapor removed during the cleaning process. This has been utilized by companies running deep freezers that don’t want any downtime in their operations.

We pride ourselves on self-developing what we think is the best high pressure “Suction” system in Australia. With capability to recycle waste water for re-use, it’s the only true green system out there on the market.

Construction Sites

Working environments in which water run off can usually not be contained by traditional pressure cleaners is no longer an issue! This is a huge benefit when it comes to acid washing, with decent airflow, PPE can be scaled back to gloves and eyewear, and surrounding trades aren’t inundated acid vapor from your traditional lancing systems. Our system contains ALL contaminants and pumps the waste water with no vapor being put into the air! No corrosion on areas in which previously may have been damaged by acid vapor. Remove the workplace safety issues that are always associated with acid washing with no acid vapor or acid water runoff. A floor that is dry to the touch straight after cleaning the benefit to this is that it minimizes time between cleaning and sealing which is a huge benefit to any project manager looking to save time.

Commercial centres

Shopping centers and commercial centers have been taking advantage of this system since our first prototype was in service. Issues with non-suction systems in these environments we’ve found is water contamination into tenancies and the health and safety issues of slips from patrons even hours after cleaning has taken place.

We leave no water on the floors directly after cleaning, this means no slips, no hazards and definitely no water run off into tenancies which makes center management very happy.

These works are completed in record time with our “big truck” the highest spec machine around!

Warehouses and Factories

Normal uses for our system have been degreasing and cleaning up walkways, as well as line markings for healthy and safety reasons. Freshening up outdoor lunch areas, or entire factory floors for end of lease cleans.

Our most common request is freshening up concrete floors on an annual basis in-between use of client owned floor scrubbers. A buildup of oils and grime on the floor can be hazardous and never looks good, a floor scrubber alone even the top-quality ones still leave a layer of dirt and grime behind and this builds up! Annual cleaning is cost effective and at the end of the day protects workers from slips and trips by ensuring the floors are maintained to comply with slip resistance standards.

We can cover 1500-2000m2 per day with chemical application! Leaving the floor clean, degreased and dry ready for use straight after cleaning this makes utilizing high pressure cleaning services easier than ever!



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Our Capabilities

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Pressure VAC boasts the only recycle system on the market, being able to recapture and filter 80% of the water used during a job. We tend to use 1000L for every 3 hours of high-pressure cleaning work with our filter system in full operation. For comparison we would go through 1000L every 40minutes without the filter system in operation. Couple this with extreme temperatures up to the boiling point of water, our system can deliver a high quality clean without the use of harsh chemicals! Saving water and the environment from chemical contamination

Multi-level Carparks

Carparks are classified as very high traffic areas and with exposure to oils, outside dirt, tyre markings, and a lot of carbon/dust build up carparks can get very dirty. Our high-pressure cleaning extraction method removes all these contaminates from site! Traditional cleaning methods leave a lot of pooling water and wet surfaces after completion and often in older multistorey carparks these traditional cleaning methods lead to water ingress over multiple levels which can cause problems within the structure and damage any uncovered belongings/cars etc. We’re able to provide a full carpark clean at a competitive rate, complying with wastewater disposal requirements and work with the highest safety standards in mind.

Shopping Centres

Walkways, bin areas and entrance ways should be freshened up on a periodical basis to ensure complex’s have a great atheistic look and are safe for employees and the general public. Bin areas and entrance ways tend to be littered with oily residue and can create slipping hazards. With our extraction pressure cleaning method, deeply bedded oily residues can be cleaned and restored to a higher standard. With all oil and chemical residue removed from site! Not just washed down the drain to later cause a blockage.

External hard surfaces - Commercial & Residential

We can clean all external hard surfaces, removal of moss and mould being a typical residential job for us. We can also prep and seal surfaces around residential or commercial environments giving some extra protection and life into your external hard surfaces!

Pressure Vac has provided our business’ carpet cleaning services since 2009. Matt and the team are always a pleasure to deal with and consistently do an excellent job for a competitive price. I highly recommend Pressure Vac!

Evan Cunningham-Dunlop, CEO – Living Online

Pressure Vac has been servicing the Forrest Centre for many years.  I’ve been working closely with the Pressure Vac team for the past two years and they always action requests very promptly.  Their prices are very reasonable, they offer a wide range of services including carpet, upholstery and pressure cleaning.  They accommodate urgent works within their schedule even if actioned to do so afterhours.  I can recommend Pressure Vac for being reliable, cost effective and professional.

Rozanne Jansen van Rensburg, Asset Services / Property Manager – CBRE

Pressure Vac are contracted to complete all of our high-pressure cleaning, especially our Pool concourse and changerooms, as well as this, they are responsible for the cleaning of all carpets on both campuses as well as our boarding facilities. I would have no hesitation in recommending Matthew, Graeme and their team at Pressure Vac to anyone who was looking at engaging their services.

Richard Cross, Facilities Manager – St Hilda’s Girls’ School

Thank you to Matthew, Graeme and your fantastic team at Pressure Vac, for the fantastic job that you have been doing for us at Campus Living over the past 5 years. Emergency situations have always been excellent and it has been a pleasure working with a business that takes the time to understand how our business operates, to get the best situation for all.

Daryl Bone, Assets Facilities Manager – Edith Cowan University / Murdoch University

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